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We transform scientific and engineering challenges into your next product.

Garner Total Energy, a custom software and interface design firm, specializing in mobile applications and embedded systems was launched in 1991 by senior engineer “Chip” Garner.

"Chip" Garner's 35 year engineering career includes aerospace, aircraft navigation, solar engineering, automotive testing, nuclear safety, radiation monitoring, and web based distance-learning applications in healthcare. He is also a national sailplane racing champion with a decided enthusiasm for the “competitive edge.”

Under his leadership, Garner Total Energy deploys fast emerging mobile and embedded systems technologies to design highly specific applications tailored to client objectives.

“Meeting a client's objectives,” Garner says, “may take innovation in database design and integration, a novel web application, or even an embedded system. But to 'nail it' means choosing the right tools and synthesizing science and engineering into art. It’s like combining technology and touch to fly a sailplane with the power of optimal atmospheric energy.”